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Biz Talk : Biggest Summer Ever, Biggest Movies Ever

Biz Talk : Biggest Summer Ever, Biggest Movies Ever!

Hope you have witnessed the big movies this summer which Started With the Winter Soldier who brings up the summer with him. In April Captain America ruled the box office but than an other Superhero came to entertain people "Spider Man" Yes! The Amazing Spider 2 at this month's start scored big on box office as well as won the hearts of many people who were disappointed with the last part of the franchise. After Fiction it was the time for Comedy and "The Neighbors" came in to tickle the funny bone of the people and strikes at the box office. The Neighbors also became one of the top highest grossing R Rated movie ever.

So now its about whats coming next to you. Godzilla , The Million Dollar Arm, X-Men: Days of the Future Past, Blended,  The Maleficent this will come this month, but in June The Fault In Our Stars, Edge Of Tomorrow, 22 Jump Street, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Rover, Transformers 4 : Age Of Extinction . I mean are you a Movie Freak? So this year is your year and its a treat to watch such big movies all together in a month! Here is the list of some Upcoming Movies:

16 May

Godzilla (Fiction)

Godzilla  have already created a big buzz by its positive reviews and the trailer is also appealing. So this weekend of yours will be exciting for sure.

The Million Dollar Arm (Drama)

The Million Dollar Arm is for the ones who are Drama movie lover and likes a better story. I can feel this movie will be better than the previous baseball movies!

23 May

Blended (Comedy)

The Duo is back Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore is back to tickle your funny bone and this will surely gives the Neighbors a tough competition!

X-Men : Days of the Future Past (Action , Fiction)

Okay then! The Biggest X-Men Movie is about to Arrive this Summer and simply this one will be the bestest X-Men movie because the trailer is telling that this one will surely have all the potential to become the highest grosser in X-Men Franchise 

30 May 

The Maleficent (Fantasy)

Sleeping Beauty has a new view and story to be told! And its not about the Sleeping Princess, its about the Witch and the Witch is Angelina Jolie so who will hate this Witch ;) 

June 6

The Fault In Our Stars (Drama,Novel)

This movie is based on the bestseller by John Green and this is one of the most awaiting movie of the year just because the Novel was more than Amazing! Waiting for it :) 

Edge Of Tomorrow ( Action, Fiction)

Tom Cruise is back in Action! Tom you are still my love.. And the fans of Tom will be eagerly waiting for this Sci Fi for sure!

June 13

22 Jump Street (Action, Comedy)

The Duo Of Tatum & Hill is back! And i can feel it this Jump Street will be better than last one! 
Ice Cube is also Out there! In College there will be more fun for sure!

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Animation, Action)

Another Sequel on the same Day, Oh Boy! This is going to be interesting and Summer Holidays and a 3D Animated Sequel to a big hit Movie! No one is going to miss this one who have seen the First Part! 

June 20

The Rover (Action , Drama)

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce! I mean WOW! Its a guy movie but am also waiting for this to come ;)
I love both of them!

June 27

Transformers 4 : Age of Extinction (Action, Fiction) 

Mark Wahlberg has given a surprise hit this year "The Lone Survivor" and this one is a Big Franchise with a change in cast! But Wait! Optimus Prime is still there!

So Friends This May-June is going to be Action Packed and a bit of Drama & Comedy also exist so what's your choice this Summer and are your 3D glasses ready to get used again and again ? 

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