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Movie Review: Maleficent (2014)

Movie Review: Maleficent (2014)


There have been so many times when Walt Disney has changed the vision with which we see the world. How deeply we rely on it to fill our imaginations with the best chosen characters of the Fantasy Land and God when they add Angelina Jolie to it, we brace ourselves tight!

Maleficent is an old classic tale of sleeping beauty retold/reimagined in the best way. Directed by Robert Stromberg from a screenplay by Linda Woolverton, this movie has woven the epic villianess Maleficent in a dreamy new avatar.

It chases the classic plot of the fairy tale starting not from the Aurora’s christening frenzy but from Maleficent’s childhood, portraying her as a very strong fairy but a friendly one, lovable and playful resident of Moors.

Not afraid of Humans, she befriends a peasant boy and falls in love as they share their teenage years together. Stefan gives her the kiss of true love and leaves soon after to follow her ambition of becoming a King.

Maleficent goes on her with her life guarding the Moors as the most strongest fairy of all. The peace lefts the screen as the King approaches Moors to invade and is defeated badly by the ever-strong guardian fairy.
The king needs revenge and Stefan needs the throne, his dream makes him do the evil and he cuts off her wings and uses them as the key to the door of Royalty.

And then...comes the story we have known our whole life...More or Less!
Lets not spoil the Disney Wonder because what comes after is a hearty treat to those who will watch!
Why? Let me tell you a Story…


…Once upon a time Disney made a movie on the top most villian of all time, twisted her character and brought her to the light hence creating a hero out of her and gave the world a better version of ‘true love’s kiss’ , I say they pretty much nailed it!

As for the hype that was created for this movie it might have awoken some hope of watching a badass all actioned up Angelina Jolie in a wicked fairy’s attire as a cherry on top, but its not a dream come true for people with a evil hopes as the movie takes a sharp turn to the more feminine and loving side of a fairy who gives it up to the smile of a child she thought she hates. Well, to the viewers who find this movie un-entertaining; there are so many others with more darke and livid wickedness, might try some of ‘em!
This one is to add the fun to the family time.

The changes that are introduced into the movie are really interesting.

Though critics are complaining about the fantasy world of Moors being less colorful than the mainstream Disney productions but if you for once put the hopes of a colorful movie out of mind everything you see on the screen proves to be complimenting on and other!

Angelina Jolie has done a great job confusing Maleficent with the good gone bad gone good again thing! What else are you supposed to do when the kid you just put a curse on mistakes you with her fairy godmother! And specially when the kid’s so...umm cute! She totally put on plate a great performance. After watching this one, do mark the words ‘Maleficent becomes her’.

Now the princess, I am a wee bit disappointed on her expense in the movie. Okay so the princess has to smile a lot and look all cheesy but it becomes all too much to look at after a while and guiltily you wish that she wouldn't wake up giving away that way too cheesy smile again! She does well no doubt but a word that I regret to pen down hovers around my mind about her performance is ‘over’ as in ‘overdoing’ the Aurora part. But I’d love to take it as another princessy thing.

There is yet another member of cast I would like to appreciate(its not the King) that is Diaval, never was a crow so handsome and handy! Presentation of three little fairies as Aurora’s aunts was another hilarious addition. A little detail which would definitely nag the viewers was the myth of ‘the left wish of third fairy’ which they of course altered to aid the plot.

The scenic presentation of the fantasy land of Moors is not much like a fairyland but instead portrays a different kind of creatures inhabiting, closer to giants as you may say. It is acceptable much but it is quite insufficient.

At some points the story did go a bit off the beat but it quickly regains.
Its not the best animated movie you’ll ever see but there definitely is something  in it which is worth a watch!

On the whole this Movie is full of the Magic that is not produced by powers but the pure magic that Love bears.
Plan to watch this one with kids, Its a great one!

The whole thing about the fairy in distress and the innocence of Angelina’s expressions disarms me.
I will rate this one with a hearty

Reviewed by Adina Farid


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