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Movie Review : Black Swan (2010)

Movie Review : Black Swan (2010)


Black Swan is an outstanding psychological thriller film by Darren Aronofsky.
Its a movie depicting a ballet dancer (Natalie Portman) craving to get a part in a play The Swan Lake as the main lead of The Swan Queen. She is perfect to be cast as the simple pure White Swan but lacks the dark side of her twin the Black Swan. She is extremely desperate to get the role and loses herself to reach the summit of perfection, to transform herself into the the dark one. Princess Odette becomes her dark twin Odile but not near any swan lake, right in the city of NY. The movie is basically about the psyche of the young ballerina Nina who is up for the challenge life has brought to her with her very first encounter to sensuality and the dread of not being the part of it. 

She takes off the mask of a good girl and hoes intimate with her competitor breaking every rule, but this this all turns out to be her dream. The play leaves an impact on her mind and she hallucinates the dark side of herself doing evil things to her body but soon she gives up to the reality of her dream and becomes complete by achieving her darkness and turning into a Black Swan.

The movie has a plot revolving around the famous ballet play The Swan Lake and also uses the mythical concept of a doppelganger.
Black Swan was an extreme hit and highly appreciated by the critics. Also won the lead, Natalie Portman, an academy award for her outstanding performance.


The only person standing in your way is you.

Everything about this movie is as classy as a Swan. The epitome of perfection comes from the flawless acting and mindly direction combined.
The film turned out to be a psychosexual thriller as it unwrapped.
There is something terribly mystic about this movie as it grabs attention from portraying a wrong angle of things going on around but its the anguish and ultimate frenzy which makes it wonderful.
The performances were utterly unexpected. Natalie Portman actually turned her character 360 degrees to fit into the plot as the result we get to see Odile taking birth from Odette. She deserved an Oscar which she got! 

Mila Kunis was in her sexy fiery element there. She was all a bold black swan would be like!
Black Swan doesn’t contain a kind of genre which is likeable to many but it does have small things that every audience (Adults only) might wanna talk about. The movie isn’t all fantasy ballerina story which actually disappointed some but it is about the transformation and realization of an inner force. It was a risk taken by the director who created an idealistic atmosphere for a movie which could raise brows but the terrific presence of crafty yet creative art beats everything!
By the end you are ready to scream:

I felt it. Perfect. I was perfect.

I liked The Ballerinas with a Twist so I wouldn’t hesitate rating it a whole:

Reviewed by : Adina Farid

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