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Book Review : Insurgent (Divergent 2)

Book Review : Insurgent ( Divergent # 2) 

By Veronica Roth

-“One choice can destroy you”


Insurgent's plot takes off immediately after Divergent's ending. The simulation was over. Beatrice 'Tris' Prior, along with three other refugees, went to the Amity compound for safety. She believed that the reason Erudite destroyed Abnegation was to ensure high political power. However, not everything was as it seemed. After overhearing a conversation between an Abnegation leader and the Amity representative, Tris realized that there was more to the attack against her former faction. There’s something Abnegation was protecting… something worth dying for. 
As tension grew among factions, Tris decided she must know about the truth—the main reason Abnegation was obliterated and the startling secret that would change everyone in Chicago forever. But the path towards her goal proved itself to be extremely difficult. Relationships would be put to the test. Unlikely alliances would be made. Conscience, grief, and guilt would constantly haunt her. With both external and internal conflicts to face, this would be her greatest battle yet. Her choices would either transform her… or destroy her.


Just like the first book, Insurgent is a page-turner. I was immediately drawn to the story. I’m glad to say that the sequel didn’t disappoint!

Tris is one remarkable heroine. With all she endured in Divergent, we see a girl carrying a heart full of guilt, regret and raw pain. She lost so much and she incited loss too, the guilt of Will's death plays heavily on her throughout Insurgent. She goes through one heck of an emotional roller coaster, but through it all, even when she falls to the lowest of lows and especially when she doesn't believe she can go on, she does. She keeps fighting, because she is a survivor. She is still Tris. Even if at times you might not agree with her decisions, you still cheer her on and not for a minute does she allow you to become disengaged in her story.
Revealed are more sides to Tobias and oh, I am in love with this boy. He's not without his frustrations, mystery and secrets, but that is what makes him so captivating. It's his flaws that give him intrigue, mixed with a beautiful kindness and exhilarating, sometimes scary side. Four.... Tobias... he is a thrilling specimen. Sometimes I wish Tris was more expressive with him, because you could see in certain moments the pain and sadness he was holding back, but it made for the kind of emotional angst that is torturously delightful. Tobias goes through his own emotional turbulence in the sequel, some of which puts him in a position where he and Tris struggle to stay on the same page, but each has their own reasons, each fueled by the right motivations, and while it's painstakingly messy sometimes, both Tobias and Tris shine as individuals.
It has everything I could ask for—action, likable and relatable characters, stunning twists, thought-provoking situations, and scenes that invoke emotions. Furthermore, the second installment in the Divergent trilogy didn’t suffer “second book syndrome”. It didn’t feel dragged. The plot was as action-packed, emotional, and suspenseful as it could get. Insurgent is as good as the first, even better in my experience. Be warned though, that the book ends with a cliffhanger. 

Some Great Quotes From Book :

-“People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets. You believe you know them, that you understand them, but their motives are always hidden from you, buried in their own hearts. You will never know them, but sometimes you decide to trust them.” 

-“Like a wild animal, the truth is too powerful to remain caged.”

-“Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way bravery does not make a person kind.”

Final Verdict:

"To wrap up this review, Insurgent is a must-read for big fans of the Divergent trilogy. Not only did it avoid becoming a filler book, but it also did a good job in adding more depth to the story."

 I rate this exhilarating book with:

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