Sunday, 20 April 2014

Book Review: Casual Vacancy By J.K Rowling

Book Review: Casual Vacancy 

By J.K Rowling


Utterly out of the Blue Rowling chose a very different subject this time to suit her pen, Politics.
It is pretty hard to believe that J.K Rowling could write a novel so different from the bestseller & historical series of Harry Potter but on the other hand she seems to master the art of telling story as The Casual Vacancy is gripping from start till end apart from its rather dry subject.
When in a small town of England a casual vacancy arises after the death of councilman the whole town except some suffers deep misery. The story sheds light on many of the social problems that they go through including drugs, prostitution, rape and the class differences.
The story revolves around and we get to see how the councilman’s character was important to the people of Pagford & how instead of being able to live a fulfilled life the children in town were enduring the suffering which came from the negative attitude of their parents.

This novel is a reflection to bad parenting, breaking marriage, crushing hope and the power of suppressed aggression.

The Casual Vacancy has set records & has every reason to be in your book shelf.

Rowling is at her very best in her first experiment with adult fiction.
A touch of deep & classy literature after a long time.
I would rate this one:

Reviewed by Adina Farid
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