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Book Review: Fifty Shades Darker by E.L.James (FSOG #2)

Book Review: Fifty Shades Darker by E.L.James


Fifty Shades Darker is a sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey continuing the tragedy of a building up relationship between the hot & smoldering Christian Grey & the indifferent but definitely falling Anastasia Steele.
The twisty story of this one totally differs it from Twilight and finally E.L James finds her own path.
The story starts right from where it ended. Ana being brutally hit by Christian is quite dubious about the relationship but the n again can’t stay away for long from the man she so desperately wants.
They get back together after a long fight and things just start to settle when the real twist of the story starts to shake the plot.
One of Christian’s ex-sub is following Ana. Not just this but the pervy boss is trying to get her in bed who is then kickassed and sacked by his boss’s boss’s boss our very own Christian Grey!
Mentally unstable ex-sub & a vengeful ex-boss joined by paedophilic ex-dom raising the bar of drama.
Ana fights through all of this for salvation of her tormented boyfriend and wins over all the odds.
This one demands to be read!
The whole novel is full of so many dark secrets & revelations that boggle mind of the reader and at the end of it all you want to do is grab the third one!


This one is much more better then the last one as you get more story and less BDSM.
Interesting plot and even more interesting characters.
After reading Fifty Shades you come for more and having this one as more satisfies as well as famish you to get your hands on the third one!
Getting to know the past of Christian and meeting his ex-sub Leila intensifies his character and puts just the right amount of spice!
The  character of Ana however feels a little silly, doing things wrong all the time but by the time climax comes this book becomes unputdownable!

Even sexier and extremely intriguing than the last one Fifty Shades Darker is a golden addition to the trilogy!
I think this book gave trilogy a kind of literary value which was much needed by the awesomeness of story and a distinguished path.
I’d like to rate this Fifty Shades:

Reviewed by Kelly Cutrone

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