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Book Review : The Other Side Of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon

Book Review : The Other Side Of Midnight
by Sidney Sheldon


Novel by one of World’s favorite storyteller, Sidney Sheldon. This epic tale is a story of two women born far away from each other but linked closely by fate. One of them being the most beautiful powerful and wild Noelle Page and the other being the smart brainy and unaware of the mysteries that beauty and sexuality beholds, Catherine Alexander.

Noelle has a tough start to life as she struggles to become something she thinks she is. On the way road to success, moving past/with different men she finds the one who’s ‘the one’ the American RAF pilot Lawrence "Larry" Douglas.

She has a nice warm affair with him but soon he leaves her, alone and pregnant, dressed up for wedding.
She then swears on her life to take everything away from Larry which would quench the thirst of her rage starting from his unborn child.

Larry meets Catherine and gets married to her soon after. This is when Noelle meets the Powerful Constantin Demiris (Costa) and finds her way to go to the extreme limit and destroy everything. Everything. Including herself.


“If you don't know why, I could never explain it to you.”

Written by the pen of Sheldon, this one beholds a tale of deception and rage which eventually results in doom. One of the great thing about this book is the drama and theme of it. The strong storyline and bewitching characters may be a part of fiction but never once you feel them far from reality or you don’t want them to be.
The character of Noelle Page is the protagonist. She has a different nature, the one you would want to know more about. Sidney creates an aura of mystery around her and even when she does evil you can not disagree to her moves keeping in mind all that she had to bear. the rise and fall in her career is a mirror to a struggler’s life.
The story is different. Theme is fantastic and to sum it up this book is a must read.

“To be successfull you need friends and to be very successfull you need enemies.” 

I would give this one of my two introductory books of Sidney Sheldon (the other being ‘Stars shine down)
a whole-hearted:


Reviewed by Adina Farid


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