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Movie Review : Step Up 4 (2014)

Movie Review : Step Up 4 (2014)


Step Up Revolution also known as Step Up: Miami Heat is the fourth installment in the Step Up series. It’s a 3D Dance movie directed by John M. Chu.
Just like the past movie this one is also based on dancing for a change.
 ‘The Mob’ is flash mob which performs dancing acts on the street and other places of Miami and becomes very famous, however the members remain unidentified.
Emily is the daughter of a big building tycoon but has an obsessive interest for dance and declines to go further with any more corporate studies.
Sean is the leader of mob and works in Dinmont Hotel as waiter. He and his crew are locals of a Miami slum. He meets Emily and is soon they both become friends. Sean introduces Emily to the Mob and she asks to join them for the next act. She does pretty well and is welcomed whole-heartedly in the club Mob.
Soon enough the news gets out that Emily’s father Bill Anderson plans to deconstruct their slum. The Mob flinches at the news but they don’t know Emily’s ID and decide to go on with her plan of performing a protesting act at the next town meeting held for the deconstruction of slum.

Later when it doesn’t bring any change they find out about Emily’s real ID and plan a dangerous mob without her resulting in arrest of the members.
After they are bailed out, Bill announces to build a community instead of a plaza.
The movie ends with past Step Up stars joining up for an outstanding dance act.


This movie can be considered as the best of Step Up series till date.
The dance which is the central idea for the movie is more than just great. The acts are stupendously well performed and the tracks are just love to the ears.
Talk about the characters in it, Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick show us an extraordinary chemistry there. The acting is above average but dance beats every flaw in that movie.

Now the mobs: the movie takes it start with a street mob, oh! what they did with the cars there makes you gasp and with every change of music you wanna get up to your feet and that is just a starter! The protest mob is a feast to eyes! The corporate dancing figures were just awesome, the placid faces moving identically to the beat were commendable. The restaurant mob is favorite.
This flick has a flat seen-before kind of a plot but the dance keeps the spirit up. Obviously when you go for a movie like Step Up would you like to decorate the screen other than dance.
It is fancy bright-colored movie which doesn’t let the entertainment factor go down the meter. It doesn’t demand any effort to understand the script and use your brain to decipher the drama but simply serves you with heartwarming acts and deep beauty of dance.

I just loved Kathryn’s dance act on ‘I wanna dance without you’ and enjoy it everytime its on the screen so for me this movie deserves

Reviewed by Adina Farid

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