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Movie Review: Oculus (2014)

Movie Review: Oculus (2014)


Oculus is an American horror film released in April 2014. Directed by Mike Flanagan.
It is based on a story of two siblings trying to destroy the evil entity residing in an antique mirror which 11 years earlier killed their parents.
Alan and Marie Russell bring home an antique mirror for decoration. Right after that they both experience supernatural episodes in their house; Alan being locked in his office spending secretive time with a girl named Marisol who has mirrors in place of eyes and Marie who feels her body slowly decaying.
The kids are quite concerned and terrified by their parents fighting at night and acting weird. This goes on for a while and turns into a serious situation when Marie loses herself and attempts to kill Tim. However, he is saved and their father then chains Marie to their bedroom wall and refuses calling help.

Kids also try to reach help but they can’t. One night Alan, possessed by the entity in mirror, unchains Marrie and both of them attack the kids. While strangling Kaylie, Marie comes back to her consciousness and is shot dead by Alan. He then forces Tim to kill himself.
Eleven years later Kaylie gets hold of the mirror again and tries to destroy it but her actions are wasted as the mirror plays trick on their minds and makes Tim kill Kaylie.
In the end while Tim is forced in car by the police he sees Kaylie join the other victims of the Mirror.


Oculus is a psychological horror which has well directed freak shots and a dull and silly story.
The movie takes power from the outstanding performances of actors and is all in all a must watch for horror lovers. But the more you go deep into it the more you realise the fact that the movie is more psychological than horror. It leaves you dubious at one point and you start looking for the evidence to prove to its supernatural worth.
However, with the plot being silly this movie brings out the screams that are obligatory for a horror flick and the ghosts are very ghostly, too. So cheers to the visuals!

The one thing that will definitely disturb the heck out is the unexplained and incomplete ending. Surely director had to leave the room for following sequels.
The crazy part is that Oculus sticks to the mind like a chewing gum not because of the ghost and stuff but for its successful attempt of messing up with the mind of viewers.
The movie is more like a breath of fresh air in the street of haunting flicks as the story is not another house-haunt! The Mirror element is strong and mysterious enough to be focused in the next one.

I liked the looks of mirror-eyed ghosts so I would rate this awkward yet horror movie
Reviewed by Adina Farid


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