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Movie Review: Highway (2014)

Movie Review: Highway (2014)


Written and directed by Imtiaz Ali, Highway is an Indian film released in 2014 with high hopes and expectations towards Imtiaz’s story and A.R Rahman’s music.
Its a movie about a rich urban girl Veera Tripathi (Alia Bhatt) whose accidentally kidnapped a day before her wedding. As her captors come to know the truth about her father’s power and sources they panic. However, Mahabir Bhati (Randeep Hooda) would not let it slip easily from his hands and is all set to antagonize her family in order to avenge his hate towards the rich.
Everything that comes later on to the screen unfolds the extraordinary characters stuck into a situation which is unlikely but true.

By abducting Veera Mahabir has originally set her free. She is not afraid of her captor, instead she lives a life full of adventures and far from the heavy curtains of class oriented family which gave her nothing more than a troubled childhood. On the other hand Mahabir is a poor deprived village boy who saw his own mother being molested by a rich officer and bears only hate for the rich.
The movie is a clash of two different worlds but it flatly leaves the anomalies behind and creates a world of raw fantasy as the truck moves forward exploring the beauties of Highway.


Highway sends us home with an urge to live life in its purest form. To take off the mask of an urbanite and be free for at least once in life.

Imtiaz Ali has created a movie which is all slow serene and raw to its fullest, if you go with the critics you might not want to admit that aven after the low ratio of high pitched entertainment this movie is better than many. Highway is perfect as it is. Its not a typical lovestory, to be honest its a kind of cinema which has created two opinions. Its simplicity and unhurried details are a beauty to eyes. Highway cannot be considered as a streamlined road movie or a previously witnessed romantic thriller, it is a whole new experience on a long highway all the way up to the mountains.

If the best thing about movie is asked, there lies one name on top of everything that is Alia Bhatt. She was born to play Veera Tripathi. The life that she brought to the character is genuine. No matter how badly Karan Johar spoiled her acting skills in the good for nothing ‘Student Of The Year’ Alia managed to throw it all back with her outstanding performance of a girl who’s real, who doesn’t need any makeover to feed on to, who is wild, soft and raw at the same time. A thousand thumbs up and hats off to her!
Randeep Hooda as Mahabir Bhati was a hit choice by the director as he never leaves the feel of his character and the Haryanvi boy accent is commendable. All in all Mahabir becomes him!
The second best thing of Highway is the precious pure and perfect music! The duo of Imtiaz Ali and A.R Rahman striked again with a blow of chartbusting tracks like Patakha Guddi and Maahi Ve. Rahman also used the local folk singers they met on the way which adds to the feel of the movie. Cherry on top is a lullaby sung by Pakistani pop singer Zeb Bangash and Alia Bhatt called Sooha Saha.
It was frequently said that Highway is an unbelievable story, far from possibility. But what do they know about the strange things that happen on the way. Life is all about coincidence. Either we accept it or not Strange Things Do Happen.

Highway has the kind of happy ending we seldom see.
This movie is a must watch.

I neither want to go back to the place from where you brought me, nor to the place where you are going to take me, but this road is very good, i don't want to leave it.” 

I loved the journey, so I will without any hesitation rate this movie:

Reviewed by Adina Farid


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