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TV Series Review : One Tree Hill

TV Series Review : One Tree Hill


One of the longest running American Drama series, the one to die for, One Tree Hill is originally a story of one’s belonging. Its is about a place call Tree Hill and the not so ordinary citizens.

The series started with the focal point of rivalry between two half brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott and soon became high school teenage tale of America’s most famous teenagers; the most beautiful gorgeous & Lucas’s Pretty Girl Brooke Davis, the smart but confused yet the most desirable Peyton Sawyer, the tutor girl meets the funny meets the hot and honest friend Haley James and her Basketball star bf Nathan Scott, last but not least the storyteller Lucas Scott.

The series went on and on from that point focusing numerous love affairs, crazy and unforgettable new characters, brilliant basketball players, evil dads, gorgeous designers, uncountable heartbreaks, peppy rock stars and all the way down to the cute next generation of Tree Hill teens: Jamie Scott (Haley & Nathan’s son).

To sum up the 10 years of successful run there is only one statement One Tree Hill doesn't focus exclusively on the teenagers, but also stretches out to include dedicated subplots for their parents and other adults.


You ever heard the expression “the best things in life are free”? Well, that expression is true. Every once in a while, people step up they rise above themselves…sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes.

The characters in this drama series are unique attracting and different. Somehow we get to see the youth of the new world and how it evolves from the high school routine life to the exposure of practical world. Some survive this evolution while some remain tied to the roots of home front. The Series showed us Brooke Davis & Haley getting everything they want and also Peyton Sawyer fighting the troubled family setting. 

Then to the male characters we saw Lucas & Nathan on the road to success with a ton of turmoils. About the adult cast the evil dad Dan Scott is a constant villain while Deb struggles her way out of a troublesome marriage. It is a series that survived too long and enjoyed full interest of audience. It leaves memories and moments that are worthwhile.

One Tree Hill is tv’s most loved shows ever. The music, the story everything is upto expectations. Its a dreamland, a wish for a perfect teen life. It attracts every kind of audience with the story that it conveys.

There is no reason to rate it any less than five stars and every reason to watch it again and again, the story of never ending friendship never becomes old, the songs have an ever lasting aura.
So yes, a straight:


Reviewed by Adina Farid


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