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Movie Review: Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Perks Of Being A Wallflower


Logan Lerman as Charlie Kelmeckis
Emma Watson as Sam
Ezra Miller as Patrick
Mae Whitman as Mary Elizabeth
Paul Rudd as Mr. Anderson, Charlie's English teacher
Nina Dobrev as Candace Kelmeckis, Charlie's sister
Johnny Simmons as Brad
Erin Wilhelmi as Alice
Adam Hagenbuch as Bob
Kate Walsh as Mrs. Kelmeckis

Director: Stephen Chbosky
Screenplay: Stephen Chbosky
Novel By Stephen Chbosky


This movie is an adaptation of an epistolary novel written by Stephen Chbosky back in 1999. Tells the tale of a wallflower who is running from his past and has locked the memory of an ill-happening which can shake the base of a trustworthy relationship in his family.
This movie was released in 2012 directed by the man himself, Stephen Chbosky.
The story revolves around Charlie who has started his freshman year at highschool in the suburban area of Pitsburgh & due to his introverted nature finds it difficult to make new friends and even get back to old classmates after suffering trauma of his best friend’s death. 
However he finds his chemistry with a couple of seniors Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller) who are half-siblings & introduce him to bunch of friends.

Patrick is tall, gangly and gay; Sam is friendly and lovable. Charlie gets a quick crush on her, but she explains she has a b.f. and encourages his friendship. Through them, he meets the quasi-punk Mary Elizabeth (Mae Whitman), who definitely is interested in dating him, and a pothead named Bob (Adam Hagenbuch), who nudges Charlie toward adventures most teenagers have once in life, and few should have twice.
We see Charlie participating actively in different activities including local midnight show ‘the Rocky Horror Show’ and funding generously for the highschool magazine but on the inside he still lives in a bubble.
Mr. Anderson, the mentor & teacher proves to be a life saver for Charlie & makes him realize the power of writing and reading.

Just as Charlie’s sister (who’s also Sam and Patrick’s batchmate) prepares for graduation,Charlie is stuck by a harsh reality of losing his only bunch of friends.
All is well until Charlie is hit harder by a visual from past after sharing a kiss with Sam. He remembers what part of memory was always missing. He recalls being sexually abused in childhood by his own dead aunt whom he idealised from the start!
This sudden turn sums up the movie and Chbosky succeeds in putting up a Movie worth your time and money!


One of the best Teenage Tale ever!
It will actually make you look at your wallflower friend and think what was their story.
Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller did a splendid job in bringing the characters to life.
Adaptation of this Bestseller was undoubtedly upto the expectation. This teenage tale very bravely depicts the evil of incest, homophobia and rejection.

Now about the lighter side, you see Emma Watson going all sexy and bold shattering her Hermione image but even her over the top performance wasn’t enough to beat the ‘boys’. Ezra and Logan steal the show by bringing a feel of reality & giving their best.

This movie is perfection. From soundtracks to wardrobe everything is up to the mark! The coming of age tale has ability to stick to the younger audience’s mind and has all the tools to entertain older ones as well!

‘We accept love, we think we deserve.’

Performance Rating:

Logan Lerman:
Never once can you separate Charlie form Logan. Has done best job of his life!
Emma Watson:
This girl can be anything she wants to be!!

Ezra Miller:
The gay boy plus jolly best friend, he was definitely in his element here!

‘They will make you feel the moment of infinity’

Its A Must Watch Movie For All Age, So I Will Rate This Flick :

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