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Movie Review: P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You


Hilary Swank ...    Holly
Gerard Butler ... Gerry
Lisa Kudrow ... Denise
Gina Gershon ... Sharon
James Marsters ... John
Kathy Bates ... Patricia
Harry Connick Jr. ... Daniel
Nellie McKay ...         Ciara
Jeffrey Dean Morgan   ... William
Dean Winters ... Tom
Anne Kent ... Rose Kennedy
Brian McGrath ... Martin Kennedy
Sherie Rene Scott ... Barbara
Susan Blackwell ... Vicky
Michael Countryman ... Ted

Director: Richard LaGravenese
Writers: Richard LaGravenese ,Steven Rogers
Novel: Cecelia Ahern


"Love is a Rose Forever after."

Even after death of Gerry, Holly finds herself holding on to his Love & refusing to move on.
It is a romantic comedy picturing young widow Holly Kennedy (Hillary Swank) going back to life after suffering the loss of her life; death of her husband and best friend Gerry (Gerard Butler)
Based on Cecelia Ahern’s Bestseller ‘P.S. I Love You’ which was originally set in Ireland, the screenplay was Americanized for the satisfaction of director Richard LaGravenese.


The movie starts with happy and contended young couple having a fight over not having a baby soon & transforms into a scene where a gloomy young widow is attending her husband’s funeral. Holly has just lost her husband and is re-living each and every memory of past and has refused to let go anything belonging to her late husband. She remembers the fights they used to have over little things & how they were an asset. Her family & friends are also disturbed with her condition & want to bring her back to life. For that they plan to celebrate Holly’s 30th birthday by paying a surprised visit to her place and are quite surprised by her appearance in Gerry’s night gown without having bathed for days. While they are trying to talk some sense into her and improving her as well as house’s condition condition a parcel arrives for her with an audio tape recorded by Gerry, promising to send her letters (all ending with ‘Ps, I love You) for each month of the year & helping her to rise up to life once again.
Gerry has planned a whole journey for Holly to rediscover herself starting with a holiday trip to Ireland (where they first met) with her girl friends Sharon & Denise. There she gets to know about big happenings in their lives and feels lost and shadowed by solitude.
Arriving home, Holly again withdraws from family and friends. As she continues to become more and more lost, she discovers she has a flair for designing women's shoes and enrolls in a class that teaches how to actually make the shoes she has designed. A new found self-confidence allows her to emerge from her solitude and embrace her friends' happiness. While on a walk with her mother, she learns that her mother was the one whom Gerry asked to deliver his letters after his death and receives the last letter. As the film ends with Holly taking her mother on a trip to Ireland, we see that Holly has opened herself up to the journey beginning with the next chapter of her life, and wherever it takes her she has the hope of falling in love again.


With a heartbreaking beginning this movie takes us to the unique quest of finding true meaning of life after losing Love of our life.
However Americanization of novel has brought a change in details and feel of the story but the magic remains the same. Unlikely to the other romantic comedies this one leaves a bittersweet effect after which you won’t think twice about making up with your partner.
With its magical soundtracks and uncommon storyline this movie will leave you dumbfounded.
Now for those who like to read books first, this movie has some major flaws regarding the cast.
Not much effort can be seen on director’s side as cast was wrongheaded to some extent. Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler could have been considered best choice for the lead but even their part wasn’t flawless.
Soundtrack ‘Love you till the end’ unveils the true soul of this magical tale and clings to your mind for a long long time.
But after all that effort it won’t make you think that movies can be better than Books.

‘This movie is a path for those who Live for the Love that’s Lost’

Performance Ratings:

Hillary Swank (Holly): Funny, Sad & Troublesome at the same time, she was the same Holly from book! ****

Gerard Butler (Gerry): When he takes guitar in his hands your heart takes a leap. He surely had the Gerry factor. But the movie required more than just goodlooks!  

Harry Connick Jr. (Daniel): Disappointment! Holly was just right to take him as a brother even after a kiss! 

Lisa Kudrow (Denise): She brought life to her character by adding just the right amount of perversion! ***½

Kathy Bates (Patricia): Though some changes were brought into her character but she did well at being our lead’s mother! 

Overall I rate this Movie 

Reviewed By: Adina Farid
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