Friday, 13 December 2013

Book Review: Vampire Academy By Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead


They suck at School!
Bloodlines are torched. Battle lines are drawn.
Prepare to be tested.

This story is about vampires! There are three kinds in this book;

A) Moroi: Mortal vampires who drink blood, eat food, age, reproduce and die. Also they are quite handy when it comes to magic.
B) Dhampir: Half-human and half-moroi; they have capabilities of both. Good reflexes, strong sight and hearing but no magic and blood drinking for them. 
C) Strigoi: These are the bad guys! Undead, Immortal,burning-in-the-sun type blood-suckers.


17 year old Rose Hathaway is a dhampir and has been on run with her Moroi best friend, Lissa Dragomir (who is the last member of a vamp-royal family) for the last two years. Finally they are caught by the Guardians of St.Vladmir Academy and are taken back. They start studying but so many dangerous events occur that suggest that Lissa’s life is in danger. Also a new Guardian, Dimitri Belikov is assigned to Lissa and also becomes  Rose’s mentor. Sparks ignite between Dimitri and Rose which leads to further problems. In the midst of all these chaos, will Rose be able to find the difference between friend and foe? What is their secret past that forced them to flee from the safety of their school in the first place. Who wants Lissa gone? These questions can be answered only after reading the book till the very last page.


A whole school full of vampires! WOW that’s creepy and interesting! In Vampire Academy, Rose is a reckless and carefree girl who loves her bestfriend Lissa. Lissa is a cautious, kind and polite girl who doesn’t like holding a grudge against anyone. This friendship makes the plot more interesting..and the fact that they are connected to each other via a psychic bond. Rose is my favorite character in this book, she knows how to have fun and get in trouble but when it comes to Lissa, she has a really responsible and caring nature. Another thing that was quite interesting is Dimitri and Rose’s relationship. One word for it! WOW! I never thought I’d ever like a Russian guy but this one is so so good. He doesn’t say much but says everything through his silence. And the way he says ‘Roza’..Ahh, loved him! And teacher-student love story is quite an intriguing angle .
This book is so good, in fact this whole series is so good that I want to write each and everything. But what’s the fun in that? Real fun is in the mystery that this book offers. Read for yourself if you’re into vampires (not necessarily twilight, any kind will do). 
It’s being made into a movie too, coming in 2014, but I won’t discuss it here, the cast is deeply flawed so not much is expected from the movie. However, I assure you that book is great!

Rating :-    ****
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