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Movie Review: Dhoom 3

Movie Review: Dhoom 3

Cast : 

Aamir Khan as Sahir/Samar
Abhishek Bachchan as ACP Jai Dixit
Uday Chopra as Ali
Katrina Kaif as Aaliya
Jackie Sharoff as Iqbal Khan

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Director : Vijay Krishna Acharya

Screenplay : Vijay Krishna Acharya
Story : Vijay Krishna Acharya & Aditya Chopra
Music : Pritam


Dhoom 3 is the most awaited movie of 2013 and people has alot of expectations from it. Dhoom is a brand that is known for action and bikes and villians are more powerful than hero in this franchise. So as in Dhoom 3 the promotion was so less that only a single trailer and Dhoom Machale (title track) was on air else apart it was a full surprise for the viewers. It has Mr. Perfectionist in it Aamir Khan as the Bad Man and its the Return of Mr.Khan on Dec which was his date his three big hits were released on christmas,Taare Zameen Par,Ghajini,3 Idiots and Ghajini started the 100crore mark in the industry same as the 3 idiots showed that 200crores are also not impossible. Dhoom 3 means 300crore? is it cause YRF is the biggest brand of bollywood as well as it is the widest release across India so the stakes are all high and people had already booked their tickets. Here my Review for the Biggest Movie of 2013 Dhoom 3 for you Mates!


Firstly the Preview Mr.Iqbal (Jackie Sharoff) runs a circus called the Great Indian Circus in Chicago and he owes bank and cannot pay them back so bank took his circus property and he cannot bear this pain that he shoot himself infront of his son Sahir (child Aamir khan) and later the child has grown big as Aamir Khan and takes revenge against the bank. For catching him the bank hires India's top cop duo ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) & Ali (Uday Chopra).Meanwhile Sahir has also worked for the restart of the Great Indian Circus and he find a dancer as Aaliya (Katrina Kaif). So what do you think can Sahir destory the bank and take his revenge or ACP Jai Dixit will catch him? For all that buy your tickets and go to cinema.


Writing Review for this movie maybe not a good thing cause the suspense thing will be over which came in the post interval. The Movie starts with Aamir's Childhood and Baba Jackie Showing tricks to the Bank Guys to convince them not to shut their Circus down. But they do and Jackie Shoots himself. Then You see Sahir was dreaming all this and then money starts raining.. and Sahir is running down from the building as seen in the trailer. Its his entry and the first chase sequence of the movie which is very well picturized i mean i have never seen this type of action scenes in a bollywood movie and i bet you also havent seen in a bollywood movie like this. Then Chase ends and Dhoom Tap starts after that it shows the entry of Ali & Jai fighting in Tamil Movie Style against the goons in Mumbai and beat the hell of those guys. 

Then Sahir Met Aaliya at the audition for his circus. Kamli song is so well choreographed and Katrina has put her heart out in the songs in this movie. They are hired to catch Mr. Clown Thief Sahir and they get so close to catch him that even Jai Shoots Sahir on Shoulder during the 2nd Chase but he escapes from their two. After that the big Malang song which cost Indian Rupees 50,000,000 and yes its too good to watch on big screen Aamir and Katrina are a cute pair but Now good enough to see them romancing. Movie has a smooch between Sahir and Aaliya a small one which is less effective actually i found it same as Jab tak hai Jaan. Cant disclose any more story cause then the flavor of the movie will come to an end.

 Can tell you that you will be shocked at the intermission scene but movie dips in the second half badly,all the disneyland thing was not good but the song Tu hi Junoon was well picturized and Again the chemistry between the thief and Ms.Acrobat looks cute but not extraordinary. Then the final chase is the something good and the climax if you can guess what is the Dhoom Climax Mates. ACP Jai Dixit has never caught the thief but can he this time?? Alot to tell but i cant, so buy you tickets and watch it by yourself. Its something you have never seen in bollywood.

Plus Points Of the Movie : Aamir Khan for sure and Action Sequence and the Choreography.

Weak Points : The story dips after the interval until the last chase. So i was a bit bored for 30mins!

Performance Wise: 

Acting wise all were good Uday Chopra (i hate you) he was the worst. Katrina was no where apart the songs. Why was she there in the end? cause there was no need of her there! Abhishek Bachchan he was better than Dhoom 2 for sure but missed her wife ,(Rimi Sen) LOLZ, he acted Ok there, Then its the one who has created this Dhoom Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan,he is unmatchable and has beaten John & Hrithik by a long margin. Actually he isn't stealing anything but just taking Revenge so unlike the last 2 Dhoom shows that they are robbers but this one shows why is he robbing the banks? and he isn't a robber actually. A bit confusing ? Aamir will clear all your confusion just go and watch him on the big screen. He worked so hard on his dancing skills that shows how good he is

Direction : VKA (Vijay Krishan Acharaya) sorry if i spell it wrong but Just like Tashan the 2nd hours dips and he made this Dhoom a more Drama Than Action Flick but he shows his class Brilliantly and hope he just make a bit more tight gripping direction that will make people attract more cause the hype and expectations were so much from this movie.


Music: Audio are just OK, But Watch Them and you will love Every Single song even its the first time i got up After Watching the Last Song Dhoom Machale On End Credits. My Picks, Kamli, Malang, Tu Hi Junoon & Dhoom Machale. I Loved The Visuals

"Its a must watch Movie,Atleast One time to see bollywood progressing big time! "

I would have rated 5 out of 5 but the 2nd half was a let down so i will rate it :

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