Friday, 24 January 2014

Exclusive Trailer: The Spoils Of Babylon (Mini-Series)

Exclusive Trailer: The Spoils Of Babylon (Mini-Series)

Feeling a bit like a “Saturday Night Live” sketch stretched and inflated, “Spoils of Babylon” is still a pretty entertaining spoof, provided that much of the audience (and perhaps especially, the targeted younger crowd) has any idea what it’s spoofing. A product of the Funny or Die factory, this half-hour series is ostensibly a presentation of a lost ’70s miniseries based on a bloated novel, with Will Ferrell buried under Grizzly Adams makeup as the pompous James Lipton-like auteur, setting up each week’s installment. Boasting surprisingly big names, in this case, to the silly goes the “Spoils.”

IFC often seems to be getting by with programming on the cheap, but this effort rather niftily skates past that issue, since looking like a high-school production is ostensibly part of “Spoils of Babylon’s” charm. At the same time,  there’s something amusingly ironic about attracting talent like Maguire, Jessica Alba and Michael Sheen, whose agents otherwise wouldn’t let them be caught dead in these cut-rate environs.

The casting should be a modest draw, though again, the nature of the exercise feels better suited to Web shorts than even half-hour episodes. That said, the show is fitfully funny, and while perhaps unworthy of Jonrosh’s full daylong opus, as ways of idly killing time go, hey, it beats dying.

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