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Movie Review: Carrie (2013)

Movie Review: Carrie (2013)


Julianne Moore ... Margaret White
Chloë Grace Moretz ... Carrie White
Gabriella Wilde ... Sue Snell
Portia Doubleday ... Chris Hargensen
Alex Russell ... Billy Nolan
Zoë Belkin ... Tina
Ansel Elgort ... Tommy Ross
Samantha Weinstein ... Heather
Karissa Strain ... Nicki
Judy Greer ... Ms. Desjardin
Katie Strain ... Lizzy
Barry Shabaka Henley ... Principal Morton
Demetrius Joyette ... George

Directed By ... Kimberly Peirce
Based On Novel Of  ... Stephen King

Plot :

Adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel, Carrie is an American supernatural horror film. It tells story of a shy teenage girl whose feelings are being caged by her extra religious mother who gave birth to her alone in a room and intended to kill the newborn but changed her mind. Carrie’s mother has narrow religious mind and she is bound to live life accordingly. Misery starts when she experiences her first period and naively thinks that she is bleeding to death and calls for other girls’ help that’s when she is targeted by high-school bullies. Instead of helping her they tease her by throwing tampons and record her video which they later upload on internet.
However Carrie’s gym teacher helps her and shows great concern by calling her mother to pick her up. Carrie terrified to leave with her mother refuses to go but is forced to leave. Margaret (Carrie’s mother) demands that Carrie abstain from showering with the others. When Carrie refuses, Margaret hits her with a Bible and locks her in her "prayer closet". As Carrie screams to be let out, a crack appears on the door, and the crucifix in the closet begins to bleed.

Miss Desjardin informs the girls who teased Carrie that they will endure boot-camp style detention for their behavior. When Chris, who uploaded the video of the incident on Youtube, refuses, she is suspended from school and banned from the prom. She storms out, vowing revenge. Carrie learns that she has telekinesis, the ability to move things with her mind. She researches her abilities, learning to harness them. Sue Snell regrets teasing Carrie in the incident and attempts to make amends by asking her boyfriend, Tommy Ross, to take Carrie to the prom. When he asks Carrie for prom she doesn’t believe at first but then she accepts Tommy's invitation. When she tells her mother, Margaret forbids Carrie to attend. Asking her mother to relent, Carrie manifests her telekinesis. Margaret believes this power comes from the Devil and is proof that Carrie has been corrupted by sin.
Against all odds Carrie gets ready to leave for prom all dolled up in her beautiful dress. She locks her mother into prayer closet and leaves home to live the most memorable eve of her life.
On the other side Chris and her boyfriend have planned a revenge. She gets Carrie on stage with a trick supported by her friend and when she is about to be crowned as prom queen a bucket full of pork blood fells on her. At the same time video of her in the shower room is played, inciting laughter from most of the audience. Meanwhile the rope slips from Chris’s hand bucket falls on to Tommy’s head killing him.
The whole turn of events unleashes the dark side of power in Carrie and results in horrific deaths of many students who were a part of Carrie’s humiliation plan.

After killing Chris she goes to her house in order to make up with her mom who is ready to kill Carrie to get rid of her Devil. Margaret tells Carrie about the night of Carrie's conception. After having shared a bed platonically with her husband, they yielded to temptation one night and, after praying for strength, Carrie's father "took" Margaret, who enjoyed the experience. Margaret attacks Carrie, who attempts to flee but kills her with several sharp tools. She becomes hysterical and makes stones rain from the sky to crush the house. When Sue arrives, a furious Carrie grabs her with her powers, but senses something inside Sue, and tells her that her baby is female. Carrie pushes a stunned Sue out of the house to safety as the house collapses and apparently kills Carrie.


Firstly, for those who have no knowledge of this novel or the original Carrie and are simply intending to watch the movie in search of a little horror time or after hearing of the movie ‘People’s Choice Award’ popularity, kindly throw the expectation of nail-biting horror out of your mind! It is a pure suspense flick which will satisfy the need of revenge if you were ever bullied in high school.
Storyline is quite interesting and characters make this one worth your time and money.
Now for whose who are already familiar with the original, this was a remake worth watching.Everything discordant and all the nagging weirdness and strange feelings surrounding the original have been smoothed down, and what we're left with is a well-made, highly satisfying and not particularly deep high school revenge movie.
“And the Lord visited Eve with the curse, and the curse was the curse of blood!”

Character Reviews:

Chloe Grace Mortez has done extraordinarily good while playing the shy and introvert Carrie but she was found short on the revenge-ful and dark side of her character.

Julianne Moore.
Simply Awesome! She has been the best painfully religious and sadist to the extent mother we ever saw on screen.

Sue Snell:
Gabriella Wilde.
She played her part effortlessly. She is definitely not just a pretty face!

Chris Hargensen:
Portia Doubleday.
The mean girl totally makes you hate her with her bully attitude and wins over!

Rating : 


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