Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Trailer: A Haunted House 2

New Trailer: A Haunted House 2

If the "Paranormal Activity" can release a sequel each year — and in 2014 there will actually be two of them — then why not spoof it every year as well?

Marlon Wayans returns for "A Haunted House 2," the sequel to last year's surprise hit parody of found-footage horror movies. He's joined by returning funnymen Cedric the Entertainer and Affion Crockett, along with new stars Jaime Pressly and Gabriel Iglesias (who Wayans actually hired for the movie over Twitter).

Wayans (who also co-wrote the script) has apparently been watching a lot of scary flicks since the last one, because the exclusive new trailer is packed with jokes and references — including the "clap-clap" scene from 2013's "The Conjuring." And it's got the most extreme man-vs.-chicken fight since "Family Guy."

It will release this year on March 28 2014.
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