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Movie Review:- Insidious: Chapter 2

Movie Review:- Insidious: Chapter 2


Patrick Wilson ... Josh Lambert
Rose Byrne ... Renai Lambert
Ty Simpkins ... Dalton Lambert
Lin Shaye ... Elise Rainier
Barbara Hershey ... Lorraine Lambert
Steve Coulter ... Carl
Leigh Whannell ... Specs
Angus Sampson ... Tucker
Andrew Astor ... Foster Lambert

Directed By  ...  James Wan
Story By  ... James Wan & Leigh Whannel


Chapter 2 starts from right where we last left it, death of Elise and weird Josh. You feel glued to the screen as the scenes from chapter 1 flow through the screen. Insidious 2 is about giving an end to an evil turn of events and sending back someone who doesn’t belong to the living world.
Movie takes us back in 1986 where a medium named Carl calls upon his friend Elise to help discover what is haunting Lorraine Lambert's son, Josh. After hypnotizing Josh, Elise attempts to find the location of Josh's "friend" (an old woman who appears in photographs of Josh) through playing “Hot or Cold”. After warnings from Josh, Elise makes her way to his bedroom closet and is scratched along the arm. As a result, Lorraine, Carl, and Elise agree that making Josh forget his astral projection abilities is the best thing to do.
In present, Renai is deeply unhappy with her husband’s behavior and doubts his moves. She is still unrecovered from Elise’s sudden death and what she saw in that camera. Even after moving in with her mother-in-law in their family house she feels the negative entities lurking in ambush to possess her family. The situation has gone worst now that she can’t even trust her own husband.
Josh is seen convincing Renai that there is nothing wrong and that the bad days are over, he is forcing his decision of ignoring everything unusual on her. On the other side he is aging rapidly and is speaking to someone behind the curtain.

Renai sees a woman wearing a white dress sitting in the living room. Following the cries of her baby throughout the house, Renai comes face-to-face with the woman in white and is knocked unconscious. During this time, Lorraine visits Elise's colleagues Specs and Tucker to seek an explanation behind the strange events. In doing so, they call upon Carl, who listens to Lorraine's story and attempts to contact Elise on the other side using word-dice. Through the dice, they are told to find answers at the "Our Lady of Angels" hospital (the former workplace of Lorraine). Led through the hospital to the ICU, Lorraine recounts a story of a patient named Parker Crane, who committed suicide by jumping off the roof many years ago. The four decide that Elise is leading them to this man's house. After breaking into Parker's home, they find a black gown and veil as well as newspaper clippings about a killer referred to as "The Bride in Black" who kidnapped and murdered several people while dressed as a woman. It is then revealed to them that it was not Elise speaking through the dice, but actually Parker's mother.
After Renai recovers with Josh at her side, Lorraine arrives home and insists that she, Renai, and the kids get away from Josh. In the car, she explains the origin of "The Bride In Black" and the theory that the real Josh is trapped in the Further. At this same moment, Carl arrives at the house to drug the Josh (possessed by Parker Crane) while Specs and Tucker monitor from their van parked outside. The plan fails, however, and Josh incapacitates Carl, Specs and Tucker. After receiving a message saying everything is okay, Lorraine and Renai return to the house only to be ambushed by Josh. Locking Lorraine in the closet, Josh attempts to choke Renai but is knocked over the head with a bat by Dalton, who has returned home with Foster. Renai and the children then escape to the basement where they barricade themselves in the laundry room. Lying down in a corner with a tin can telephone, Dalton falls asleep and returns to the Further to rescue his father. 
Meanwhile, in the Further, the real Josh stumbles upon Carl and the two look for Elise, finding her at the Lamberts' previous home. The three then proceed to Parker's house where they witness his mother, the woman in white, abusing him as a child, whereby she attempts to convince him that his name is Marylyn.

 The mother notices the group observing and locks Carl and Elise out of the room. When Josh turns around, the room is dark and filled with standing bodies covered by sheets—the bodies are assumed to be Parker's previous victims. Upon finding Parker's mother among the bodies, the two engage in a fight. Just as Parker, who possessed Josh's body is about to kill Dalton's physical body, Elise enters the room with the help of young Parker and saves Josh by hitting the woman in white with a rocking horse. After the three escape the house, they meet Dalton, who assists Carl and Josh to return to the living world. After Josh and Dalton wake up as themselves, their memories of their astral projection abilities are forgotten through a process of hypnosis as the screen turns white.
That is how they climaxed the horror and retrieved family’s happiness.
But the movie doesn’t end here… Director has already prepared us to brace ourselves for another exciting sequel of Insidious. How? You might wanna see yourself!


The ways this movie starts you can it’s gonna be Great! And it is. It maintained and increased the level of horror and gave a great ending to lambert family’s misery.
Everything you witness on screen feeds the hunger for horror. 
Cinema Nazis have been rating this movie quite dishonestly but as a normal person and a horror-lover I definitely waste my money and time on this one. You simply can’t miss the insidiously interesting movie.
Comparatively, Chapter 2 is better than 1 but some flaws are too big to ignore if you watch critically. Performance can somewhat disappoint you but the whole package is worth it!

"the scares are mostly very scary indeed, and that means the film does its job."

Performance Ratings:


Patrick Wilson.

He did a good job by spooking with that Parker Crane thing!
However a little less in his element.


Rose Byrne.

After watching her worrying on screen you start sympathizing with the housewife-in-distress!

“Things tend to happen when it gets dark”

My Rating For This Horror Flick Is:

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