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Movie Review: The Conjuring

Movie Review: The Conjuring (2013)

“There is something horrible happening in the house.”


An American Supernatural horror set to blow minds! Conjuring is based on true events which have happened with paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.
Movie starts with horror of a possessed doll ‘Annabelle’ followed by a lecture of the Warrens discussing about paranormal entities.
The Perron family has just shifted to a farmhouse in Rhode Island with their five daughters and a dog. As they try to to settle in and get used to the big house, certain unusual and disturbing things tend to happen. Carolyn (the wife) wakes up with a mysterious bruise and finds Sadie lying dead outside the house. Various instances of paranormal disturbance also occur. The activity culminates one night while Roger is away in Florida. After hearing various clapping and giggling noises, and seeing the picture frames shattered on the stairs, Carolyn is locked up in the cellar. Later Cindy, one of the daughters, is awakened after sleepwalking into her sister Andrea's room—she sees a spirit on top of a wardrobe in the room that attacks Andrea.
While researching the history of the house, Ed and Lorraine discover that the house once belonged to an accused witch, Bathsheba, who tried to sacrifice her children to the devil and killed herself in 1863 after cursing all who would take her land. The property was once 200+ acres but has since been divided up into smaller parcels. They find reports of numerous murders and suicides in houses that have since been built upon parcels that were once part of the property.

Ed and Lorraine return to the house to gather evidence to receive authorization for the exorcism. Cindy again sleepwalks into Andrea's room and reveals a secret passage behind the wardrobe. Lorraine enters the passage and falls through the floorboards into the cellar, where she sees the spirit of a woman whom Bathsheba had long ago possessed and used to kill her child. Another of the Perron children, Nancy, is violently dragged by her hair along the floor by an unseen force.
Lorraine is threatened by the spirit to leave this investigation by an attack on her daughter in their house with a possessed doll Annabelle.
Perron family decides to take shelter in a hotel. At night Carolyn takes her two daughters back to the house. Meanwhile Lorraine discovers that Bathsheba’s strategy to attack was to possess the body of mother to kill the child hence every event that is hurting the Perrons is due to Carolyn who’s possessed. Right after it’s dawned on her they all rush to the house to save the girls.

After subduing Carolyn, Ed decides to perform the exorcism himself, though Carolyn escapes and attempts to kill April. Lorraine is able to temporarily distract the possessed Carolyn from killing her daughter by reminding her of a special memory she shared with her family, allowing Ed to complete the exorcism, saving Carolyn and her daughter.


Best Horror Movie Ever! Period.
The scares are scarier and the effect is unimaginable. From the very start you feel glued to the seat, even popcorns aren’t required unless you try to escape the horror!
The performances are flawless.

"all the scream-inducing shocks you could want, right on schedule"

The Conjuring is that horror flick we’ve been waiting for so long! So many scenes to skip heartbeat but the closet one wins over!
After watching the girls pay hide’n’clap every clap will haunt!
One of the best thing in this movie is Annabelle the doll. I bet she beats Chucky in the sequel of Conjuring.

“Extremely well-crafted and gleefully creepy”

Performance Ratings:

Lorraine Warren:
Vera Farmiga.

She has done extremely well. One of the very smart tv-life paranormal investigator!
Ed Warren:
Patrick Wilson.

Very Well Indeed. He was surely in his element in this one.
Lili Taylor:
Carolyn Perron.

A thumbs-up performance.
The Girls:
They have put in their best to make the movie one of the most refined horror ever!
one for each ;)

My Rating For This Epic Horror Movie is :

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